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FLOWX originated in Rome, Italy. For many years, FLOWX has focused on valve research and development, production, sales and service. With the process of global economic integration, the manufacturing sector moved to the asia-pacific region. LFOWX seized the opportunity to establish Fraser Hong Kong company in Hong Kong, mainly engaged in the asia-pacific sales and after-sales service of Fraser valves. As the head office found that the awareness of Fraser was increasing in the Chinese market and the demand was increasing, FLOWX, through a series of surveys and evaluations, decided to authorize Hong Kong Fraser to handle all matters related to the establishment of Shanghai Fraser company. At the beginning of 2006, Shanghai Fraser was officially established. At the beginning of the establishment, the company mainly focused on the sales and after-sales service of Fraser valves in the greater China region. Then FLOWX introduced the assembly and testing of Fraser products to Shanghai Fraser...

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